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Columbarium for every need

SAM_3427Carrier Mausoleum Construction, specialized in funeral buildings, manufactures customized columbarium since 1980’s. The designs created by the company’s architecture department in Montreal are original and meet the specific needs of funeral homes and cemeteries, which often are at their first acquisition. “We rely on a long-term partnership with our customers. We listen to their needs and we draw up a project that suits their pace, in stages.” Sales Director Martin Trudeau adds: “We build and install our own columbarium. It means there is no third-party involved. Clients deal with us directly from A to Z.” . Since they know how to adapt, they even designed a columbarium that is earthquake resistant. “We build 8 to 12 niches columbarium as well as 3000 ones. What’s important is that it is profitable for our clients,” says Trudeau.

Glass niches are amongst the best sellers at Carrier Mausoleum Construction. Since the 1990s, materials have improved as the way they are built. Novelties include concave curved niches. It usually takes between 150 to 180 days between the time the contract is signed and the installation of the columbarium.

“It is a growing industry. As cremations are increasing, funeral homes and cemeteries have to adjust to this new reality,” concludes Trudeau.

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Cremation, a growing market

Accepted by the Catholic Church only since 1973, cremation is now part of funeral rituals.  Thus, it has an impact on the crematoria.

“At first, they were in remote rooms. Now, cremation being part of the farewell ceremony, crematoria can be installed next to the room where families gather,” explains Martin Trudeau, Sales Director of Carrier Mausoleums Construction. “As a result, orders can be personalized. For example, funeral home or cemetery logos, lights or colors can be added on the front of the crematoria.”

Carrier Mausoleums Construction is the only authorized retailer of Pyrox, specialized in cremation products.  With the cremation market expanding, funeral homes and cemeteries wish to offer a full range of services to their clientele.

“You have to keep in mind that environmental standards also change. That’s why our designers try to work ahead of future standards so the products, that represent a long-term investment for buyers, are always lawfull,” points out Christine LeSage, Administrative Assistant, Sales and Marketing.

As cremation rate is close to 70% in Quebec, manufacturing is on the rise.

“Our engineers are passionate about their work. They adjust to any situation, like the size of the deceased,” says LeSage. “The goal is always to optimize the crematoria operation, such as ash recovery and heat recovery systems among others,” she adds.

Carrier Mausoleums Construction wishes to expand, as for all of their other lines of products, to the US market for crematoria, currently centered in Quebec and Canada.


“It’s a competitive market,” says Martin Trudeau, “but since crematoria are designed and built here, it’s easier to offer an excellent after-sales service, paramount in this field,” he concludes.Pyrox Rev3

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A final resting place

bannière Blogue 1 EN

Many decisions have to be taken when a death occurs. One of these important decisions is without any doubt the choice of a final resting place for the deceased body and/or the cremated remains. Unfortunately, many choices are available and it could be very difficult to make a decision if these choices have not been explained carefully. Only three options are available in regard to final disposition of the deceased’s body: traditional burial in ground, entombment (crypt) and cremation. In regard to that last option, it is essential that the process of disposition do not ends there. More options are available in regard to cremated remains disposition: Burial of urn, inurnment (niche in a columbarium), keepsake, jewelry or bring cremated remains back home. It is important to choose a permanent resting place for the urn even though a jewelry or a keepsake was chosen by the family. The permanent resting place will help the family members to have a referral place to remember the loved one.
Inurnment is a disposition mode of cremated remains that has been progressing in popularity over the past years and still does. Columbarium have evolved in design and in options offered to families. The choice and type of columbarium to be offered to families also comes with its load of questions: How many types of niches should we offer to families? How many niches should my columbarium has? Should we offer glass front niches only? And many more.
Carrier Mausoleums Construction Inc. are specialized in columbarium planning solutions. Our dedicated team have been taking care of answering questions, planning, designing, manufacturing and installing columbarium units for many decades. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time to get more information regarding our columbarium solutions: #columbarium #niche #CMC #inurnment #crypt #mausoleum

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The Value of Memorialization: Glass-front Niches

Did you know that cremations have almost doubled in just the last ten years? That’s over a million cremations in North America annually. Are your current facilities equipped to deal with that demand? Do you have the room and aesthetics needed to make a superior resting place?

Consider the benefits of glass-front niches. This columbaria style has many benefits not found in other funerary forms. That holds particularly true when you choose builders who really know their craft.

Before you renovate or extend your current facilities, ponder the consummate and perennial craftsmanship CMC brings. Our glass-front niches will give your space dignity and durability that will endure.

Your operations are too important for cookie cutter solutions—you need serious craftsmen and serious businessmen. Here’s what we’re offering:

Glass-front Niches by CMC_San Francisco Columbaria_ReflectionElegance

We think it’s impossible to see our glass-front niches and not be moved. They create an effect of airiness, solemnity, and reflection. If you’re looking for a memorial to imbue visitors with peace and contemplation, your search is over.


Like you, we have no use for prefabrication. Our craftsmanship, engineering and experience let us customize our niches to any existing space. We can even curve and bend glass with unequaled grace—being the only columbarium supplier that offers quality curved glass-front niches. And with a variety of bronze accessories and stone palettes to choose from, you can be confident that everything will blend seamlessly. You’ll forget there was a time you didn’t have CMC niches.

As for your clients, they’ll appreciate displaying pictures and mementoes with unobstructed clarity. It creates an intimacy that opaque, stone-front columbaria can’t match. The niche becomes more than a mere container- it can be tailored into a legacy.


Glass-front Niches by CMC_Personalized RemembrancesAs we’ve said, cremation has never been more popular. Investing in a columbarium is the best return on your investment. They require much smaller footprints than ground plots or mausoleum crypts, can be scaled to any capacity, and are simple to maintain. Plus, their materials stave off the ravages of time and the elements indefinitely.

Glass-front niches are particularly profitable. In fact, they have the highest earning potential of any cemetery space. Their sparkling beauty and sense of connection give them an allure unmatched in other funerary practices. You’ll be astounded by the demand—our niches will be far from fallow. That, and CMC niches reliably command higher retail sales prices and demand than any of our competitors—Matthews, KMI, or anyone else’s products.


We don’t just build for you. We’re involved with your business.

From the time we draw up the renderings and sales maps, we’re allying ourselves with your interests. We regard the things we build works of art, and we want to see them utilized as much as you do.

At CMC, we coordinate everything to your needs, from the design and installation of custom columbaria to the selection of bronze accessories. We give you the training to keep the facilities unblemished. We help design sales maps and inventory pricing. And with iBronze, our proprietary software platform, we have the tools to help your operations long after we pack up construction. We’re there helping you create memorials and purchase orders, track sales metrics, and building your bronze memorialization products revenue right alongside you.

Ready to have a conversation about our glass-front niches? Reach out and let’s make something beautiful together.

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