CMC has a history of success constructing community mausoleum structures of tremendous grandeur, and we bring the same levels of experience and expertise to our private estate mausoleums. In fact, no matter what size mausoleum you’re building, if CMC is involved, you can be sure it will be as good as it gets. Dare we say, even better.

A private walk-in mausoleum by CMC adds a special intimacy to permanent memorialization and remembrance. Also known as family mausoleums, these dedicated crypt buildings allow loved ones to reflect and pay tribute in an elegant, protected and exclusive environment.

Just like the unique legacies they are built to honor, every private family mausoleum is different. The style. The details. The family-focused design and the personal feelings that it evokes. All of these elements must be brought to life with a sophisticated subtlety that only experts can achieve, and you can trust CMC to create private mausoleums that do it all. That’s our family tradition. What’s yours?