Turn your unused space into
a revenue Opportunity with an Island Columbaria.

Island Columbaria by CMC are a viable, attractive and profitable way to add inventory to the often-overlooked spaces in atriums, courtyards, hallways, corridors, annexes and utility and storage rooms. And if you like the look of glass-front niches, our exquisite island columbaria provide the opportunity to put them almost anywhere.

Just envision what a custom-built, flawlessly designed standalone glass-front niches could bring to your business. Not only will an island columbarium elevate your cremation memorialization revenue, but it also offers your customers another highly desirable location to honor and memorialize their loved ones.

From material selection and construction to beautifully lit curved glass and decorative bronze rosettes and accessories. We design-build every island columbaria ourselves to reflect the style of the space in which it sits. CMC does it all, which means you can trust it all to be done right.