We deliver on time, on budget and on expectation. That you can count on.

When it comes to the planning and construction of a community mausoleum, we let our long history of leadership in commercial construction, formwork and mausoleum expertise guide our success. The CMC name does stand for Carrier Mausoleums Construction, after all. Mausoleum design and construction are what we were born to do, and they’re what we do better than anyone else. Among other things, of course.

Chapel and community mausoleums should inherently reflect the people and local legacies that they have been built to memorialize. They have to stand strong as cherished, collective representations of all the loved ones laid to rest there. And while creating the perfect community or chapel mausoleum may be a challenge for many mausoleum construction companies, it’s simply second nature for CMC. Our design team will flawlessly capture the spirit and essence of your shared community, just like we do for individual families in our private family mausoleums.

CMC chapel mausoleums combine our standard-setting indoor mausoleum crypts with inspiring spaces for worship, prayer or reflection in one beautiful building. And our community mausoleums achieve results that our competitors can only admire in awe. Read on to dig into the details of our community and chapel mausoleum construction process.


Here are just a few ways we make every community or chapel mausoleum construction project successful: