Structural columbaria, aka niche buildings, are quickly becoming the most sought-after cremation inventory solution for cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada. Just as community mausoleums have become an integral part of your sellable inventory, these standalone columbarium buildings give you a leading edge in the fast-growing cremation market. Columbarium Suites™ by CMC is our take on this highly desirable memorialization solution, and the results are beyond what any so-called “competitor” can provide. Quality. Creativity. Customization. It’s all right here.

It’s Your Call
Certainly, a columbarium building can be exquisite in its own right, especially when you put it in the industry’s most capable hands. But what’s even more inspiring is the multitude of options that come along with Columbarium Suites™ by CMC. Our exclusive standalone columbaria can be customized to your exact inventory needs, specifications and design aesthetic.

  • Integrate our legendary traditional or curved glass-front niches, which have been shown to command unthinkable ROI.
  • Create a hybrid memorialization building that includes a combination of cremation urn niches and mausoleum crypts.
  • Select the perfect balance of outdoor and indoor inventory options to give your customers the power of choice.

img-csuitesIt’s easy to see that what goes into your structural columbaria directly relates to what you get out of it. The thing is, when you choose CMC, you can be confident that what you get will be exactly what you want. Columbarium Suites™ by CMC is absolutely without equal.