A final resting place

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Many decisions have to be taken when a death occurs. One of these important decisions is without any doubt the choice of a final resting place for the deceased body and/or the cremated remains. Unfortunately, many choices are available and it could be very difficult to make a decision if these choices have not been explained carefully. Only three options are available in regard to final disposition of the deceased’s body: traditional burial in ground, entombment (crypt) and cremation. In regard to that last option, it is essential that the process of disposition do not ends there. More options are available in regard to cremated remains disposition: Burial of urn, inurnment (niche in a columbarium), keepsake, jewelry or bring cremated remains back home. It is important to choose a permanent resting place for the urn even though a jewelry or a keepsake was chosen by the family. The permanent resting place will help the family members to have a referral place to remember the loved one.
Inurnment is a disposition mode of cremated remains that has been progressing in popularity over the past years and still does. Columbarium have evolved in design and in options offered to families. The choice and type of columbarium to be offered to families also comes with its load of questions: How many types of niches should we offer to families? How many niches should my columbarium has? Should we offer glass front niches only? And many more.
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