Cremation, a growing market

Accepted by the Catholic Church only since 1973, cremation is now part of funeral rituals.  Thus, it has an impact on the crematoria.

“At first, they were in remote rooms. Now, cremation being part of the farewell ceremony, crematoria can be installed next to the room where families gather,” explains Martin Trudeau, Sales Director of Carrier Mausoleums Construction. “As a result, orders can be personalized. For example, funeral home or cemetery logos, lights or colors can be added on the front of the crematoria.”

Carrier Mausoleums Construction is the only authorized retailer of Pyrox, specialized in cremation products.  With the cremation market expanding, funeral homes and cemeteries wish to offer a full range of services to their clientele.

“You have to keep in mind that environmental standards also change. That’s why our designers try to work ahead of future standards so the products, that represent a long-term investment for buyers, are always lawfull,” points out Christine LeSage, Administrative Assistant, Sales and Marketing.

As cremation rate is close to 70% in Quebec, manufacturing is on the rise.

“Our engineers are passionate about their work. They adjust to any situation, like the size of the deceased,” says LeSage. “The goal is always to optimize the crematoria operation, such as ash recovery and heat recovery systems among others,” she adds.

Carrier Mausoleums Construction wishes to expand, as for all of their other lines of products, to the US market for crematoria, currently centered in Quebec and Canada.


“It’s a competitive market,” says Martin Trudeau, “but since crematoria are designed and built here, it’s easier to offer an excellent after-sales service, paramount in this field,” he concludes.Pyrox Rev3

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