Inspired mausoleum construction. Extraordinary funeral construction. Custom columbaria construction and our legendary glass-front niche construction. We never stop short of delivering the highest quality funeral industry construction results in all of North America, and that’s a promise that will never cease at CMC. No matter what the size of your columbaria, mausoleum or commercial construction project, we always bring our best so you can beautifully achieve yours.

Whether you hope to discuss our decades-old experience in mausoleums, our immaculate CMC Columbarium Suites™ or want to build a new operational addition to your funeral complex, we seamlessly translate even the most complex concepts into realities. What’s more, we do it all in a way that our competitors never would and never will. Our experience, precision, thoughtful material selection and construction techniques lead our industry and drive your property’s potential above and beyond.

CMC construction projects are built with several goals in mind: 1) to stand the test of time, 2) to reduce owner/operator liability and 3) to reduce operational costs. As a result, you can increase the value of your property and provide your customers with the solutions they demand. Can you name another funeral construction company that can do that? We didn’t think so.