This is how you grow a garden.

Garden mausoleums are community mausoleums outdoor crypts. At CMC, we offer the expertise and service that you need for a perfect garden mausoleum— from building an addition onto your existing outdoor mausoleum to designing and constructing an entirely new one. These gorgeous structures of permanent memorialization offer all the exclusive elements of indoor chapel mausoleums in an outdoor atmosphere and at a lower cost.

So why build a garden mausoleum? Lots of reasons. For one, shrinking acreage for in-ground casket burials is an increasingly common problem arising for many cemetery properties. CMC garden mausoleums provide a solution. These community mausoleums offer extraordinary inventory space while also maintaining the open-air memorial environment that many families desire for those who have passed on.

In order to maximize the impact and ROI of your garden mausoleum construction project, efficient space planning is a must, and it’s something CMC accomplishes with aplomb. You can trust our on-staff team to create a completely custom design that makes the most of your space today and for the future. And naturally, CMC community mausoleums with outdoor crypt use the highest quality materials, including granite, marble and bronze to ensure the longest lasting beauty and strength. It’s the way we’ve always done it and the way we always will because, frankly, we think customers should expect nothing less.